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Brussels In Graffiti High Resolution Stock Photography and

graffiti brussel
rue de la Madeleine, 19 1000 Bruxelles Open on : Monday - Saturday : 11-18h By train : Brussels Central By bus : 29, 38, 63, 65, 66, 71, 86 By metro : line 1 & 5 Click here to see the Parking Map Tel/fax +32 2 46 00 632 Follow us :

Street Art in Brussels: trail and artists | Visit Brussels

graffiti brussel
Take a street art tour with us and get an up close introduction to the incredible street art scene of Ostend, where The Crystal Ship takes place. Street art is incredibly dynamic and changes everyday, that's why our street art tours are always up-to-date.

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Got into graffiti through a group of friends (the SCT crew) and then through another crew, DRC. "I was introduced to subways through Pom and Chinez. I prefer painting subways to trains because I get more of a kick out of it. Trains have never really been my thing. Over the years, I must have painted over 150 subways in Brussels alone. The

Graffiti mural honours hard-hit staff at Brussels Airport

Sunday night painting in the train tracks of the good old Brussels. The Brazilians Sliks and Caps for the first time in the Belgian tracks invited by Les Cré

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Jojo Wall. Situated in the Marolles district, the Jojo Wall illustrates the small but priceless moment in life of a 7-year-old boy. Jojo is a comic strip created in 1983 by André Geerts. The strip is about the small-scale, real life but humorous adventures of a cheerful boy who lives with his grandma in a place where the city meets the countryside.

The best graffiti writers in Belgium - The Word Magazine

There are cities with murals and there are cities with graffiti but Brussels is one of the few cities granting wall space for comic strips. These giant replicas of classic Belgian comics, such as Tintin, can be seen all over the city centre of Brussels. The short tour introduces 13 comics painted on house walls. It starts at the city centre at the Belgian Centre for Comic Strip Art, where you

Graffiti Mural Brussels High Resolution Stock Photography

Graffiti & Street Art During this guided tour, you will discover Brussels' lively street art and graffiti in the company of expert guides who are passionate about their subject. Along the route, they will show you tags, graffiti, stencils, collages, stickers, wall frescos, and murals.

Pencil graffiti in Brussels -

graffiti brussel
Your custom Graffiti text will instantly be created in graphic format in Graffiti style! 1: Enter letter or word 2: Graffiti style A Dripping Marker Barrakuda Big Mister C Bling Ring Dafxter Gas Huffer Phat Graffiti Paint Brush Graffito Hardcore Lomax Meglaphoid Reticulum 3 Rough Graffiti Saint Scratched Car Paint Skatter Squeeg Street Soul The Battle The Battle Continuez To Be Continued

The open-air graffiti gallery of Anderlecht

graffiti brussel
In March 2015 we organized a graffiti workshop for Trasys at the graffiti hall of fame in Brussel. The workshop was used as a creative meeting break for approximately 15 participants. After the basic exercises have been completed, a theme is then worked out in subgroups on separate canvases, which are given a place within the company. Number of participants. 15. Location wloc locations

Brussels Train Night - Graffiti with Sliks, Caps and Les

Somewhat tucked away under the Ring, talented graffiti artists have been at work. They've transformed the columns that support the motorway into a mindboggling open-air art gallery, internationally recognised as such. About 150 columns in this Hall of Fame of Anderlecht have been covered with artistic graffiti masterpieces.


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